The Bun can Make
the Meal

  • Choose From our Line of Delicious Products or
    Let Us Create a Custom Bun for You
  • Our High Quality Sandwich Buns Satisfy your High Volume Needs
  • Creativity in Baking with Specialty Buns

We Are Better Bun Bakers

With over three decades of baking experience at The New Bakery Company, we have perfected the combination of Art and Science in baking. We deliver freshness and flavor, no matter the distance, from our State of the Art Bakery to your restaurant's kitchen.

1. Freshness – Non-frozen bread products often increase in firmness as each day passes. Our products, through scientific analysis and rigorous research, have been proven time after time to stay fresher and softer longer than non-frozen baked goods. We bake our sandwich buns and freeze them, locking in all of the attributes that your customers demand, then ship them to you, ready to thaw and serve.

2. Resiliency – The resiliency of our products actually improve through the freeze/ thaw process. Our sandwich buns really hold up well, whether you toast, steam, grill, microwave, or serve as is right out of the package. From the first bite to the last, with heavy toppings or “plain”, our products will keep it all together and keep your customers coming back for more.

3. Shelf Life – If kept frozen, our products hold up very well for extended periods of time. Shelf life can be tailored to best accommodate your specific business model. Let our R&D team customize a sandwich bun just for you, giving you the optimal shelf life that best fits your business model. With the New Bakery Company the control of rotation and FIFO, is completely in your hands, and fresh products are only a few feet away in your walk-in freezer.

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Build a Better Sandwich
with a Better Bun

Quality and Innovation

At The New Bakery Company we are crazy about quality and you might say that we are fanatical about it. Our QA Technicians are on the job 24 hours a day and they perform over 10,000 quality checks each day. Our well trained quality experts use the latest technology and over three decades of experience to deliver the highest quality sandwich buns possible. We demand the highest quality, from raw materials to finished, delicious products. Let our very capable R&D team work with your culinary team to bring sandwich bun innovation to your restaurant and to your customers.

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High-Volume Capabilities

We operate high speed bakeries with high volume capabilities. If you have a high volume need, the New Bakery Company has the solution. We are experts at providing quick serve, casual dining, and family dining restaurants with a variety of sandwich bun options.